F.A.Q. For 14th Street Members/Key Holders

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Frequently Asked Questions for Hack Manhattan members with outdated keycards from 14th Street.

Does my 137 W 14th St RFID key work a the new location at 34 W 37th St?


Since the format required by the landlord for the building door is different than the RFID keys we issued while at 14th st, the 14th Street RFID key will NOT work for the new 34 W 37th Street location. 

Can I still get into 14th St?

You RFID card will no longer grant access to the old 14th Street location as the access system got taken down in 2022.

Why the move?

  • Our 10-year lease was expiring
  • After our lease expired on March 17, 2022, Kenneth our landlord and longtime supporter of Hack Manhattan for our 14th St address passed away suddenly. This was a shock to all occupying tenants of the building (OR Books, Secret Loft, Hack Manhattan, Miguel's Baby, Art Studio) and though
  • The building officially got sold to new owners
  • Legal notices from purchasers requesting we move out by July 2022

How do I get access to the 34 W. 37th St location?

Email the board (board at this domain minus the "wiki.") to arrange pickup of new RFID and mechanical keys to access the current location at 34 W 37th Street. Then either drop by during an event or otherwise coordinate with another member to come pick them up. There's a delay of 1-2 business days for the building manager to add a new RFID key to the building door so please account for that in your planning.

Refer to Access for members for more details.

What about mechanical keys?

You should receive a new key for the mechanical street door lock to 34 W 37th St along with your new RFID key.

What else should I know about the new building?

Please see the Facilities page.