F.A.Q. For 14th Street Members/Key Holders

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Frequently Asked Questions for Hack Manhattan members with outdated keycards from 14th Street.


Inquired by Chaz though every member visiting the new 34 W. 37th Street space for the first time has asked some flavor of the following questions. More points will be added if more questions are frequently asked or as space processes get updated.

Does my 137 W 14th Street card still work?

The Registered Keycard

Since the .json file & folder for cardholders to the 137 W. 14th location still lives on for record-keeping in the usual git repository, the 14th Street card will NOT work for the new 34 W. 37th Street location. 

What is the physical location?

Your card to the 14th Street location will not work as the pi/Beaglebone got taken down last year. You should make efforts in requesting another card and set of keys to access the current physical location at 34 W. 37th Street.

Why the move?

  • Our 10-year lease was expiring
  • After our lease expired on March 17, 2022, Kenneth our landlord and longtime supporter of Hack Manhattan for our 14th St address passed away suddenly. This was a shock to all occupying tenants of the building (OR Books, Secret Loft, Hack Manhattan, Miguel's Baby, Art Studio) and though
  • HM members had been informally on the lookout for new possible locations to move to since March 2021 there was a bit of hope for other agreements/actions to potentially come to pass.
  • Fear of litigation for various building violations
  • The building officially got sold to new owners
  • Legal notices from purchasers requesting we move out by July 2022

What about physical keys?

You can request a copy of the new keys to 34 W. 37th. St along with a keycard copy.

How do I get access to the 34 W. 37th St location?

Refer to Access for members

How do I set up my new keycard?

You must coordinate with an existing member at the 34th St. location and come to the space at 34 W. 37th Street to activate your card (& test that it works). Additionally, head to the space to receive your physical keys. You are then free to access the space at your leisure!


For the new location, an email must be sent to the building manager (Mayer Saadia) to allow access to the outside door through RFID. This may take anywhere from 24-48 hours. In the meantime, you may request physical keys instead to enter the building.

The RFID card set up for the inner door, however, is directly connected to our git and can be updated to grant access in moments.

Member List, Self-Add, & Update (in progress)


It is generally considered okay for you to register your own keycard upon valid membership & no history of misuse in the database. You may additionally request a member to do it for you. 

Since a member kept frequently losing her card to the new space there is $5 fee for losing your new card though this isn’t enforced by anyone unless you’re just mean.

  • Is this even enforced by literally anyone??? And should it be?? --Shway (talk) 14:43, 27 June 2023 (UTC)

What is enforced though now is a code of conduct! Please read and remember to reference the Hack Manhattan Code of Conduct. Thank you for helping us make space for members new & old toward building a healthy community.

Access to other parts of the building

(a lot of this could be moved to Facilities actually. )

Upper floors

According to Mayer, do not go to the upper floors to avoid any complaints from upstairs tenants.


Roof access is prohibited according to our 34 W. 37th. St Lease.


Similar to the 14th Street location, there is a bathroom right outside of the door to Hack Manhattan. We were told to not use that bathroom as it is designated for the tenants on the other side of the hall. There is a bathroom inside on the right upon entering inside (inner door).

What is Space Policy on Garbage?

Please wash your used dishes in the basin next to the sink and please do not leave food out. Do not forget to throw out your personal trash items before you leave. Check your surrounding and do your best to help create a clean space for yourself and those creating nearby you. Expect to help others in tidying up if needed and do your best to maintain cleanliness to maintain no rats or mice around.

Trash days are Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 8:00 pm.

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