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We are located on the rear of the second floor of 34 W 37th St. Visitors can buzz the unit from the panel in the vestibule.

Doors & Keys

Please see Access for members


The breakers for main space, along with our heat pump, are in a panel in the "office".

Our bathroom, the hallway lights, and the hallway bathroom are on a circuit together and the breaker for it is in a panel in the other unit on our floor (2F).


Do not forget to throw out your personal trash items before you leave. Check your surrounding and do your best to help create a clean space for yourself and those creating nearby you. No one remembers everything all the time, so it works best if everyone does a little extra cleaning most of the time.

Please wash your used dishes in the basin next to the sink and please do not leave food out. All food stored outside the fridge must be in mouse-proof containers (glass or metal).

Expect to help others in tidying up if needed and do your best to maintain cleanliness to maintain no rats or mice around.


Put out for collection on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday after 8pm. Everything must be bagged. Garbage goes in black plastic bags. Recycling goes in clear plastic bags.

As of April 2023 we have a contract with Waste Connections of New York.


There is a Roomba hiding under the tall shelf between the windows. Feel free to run it by pressing the big button in the middle.

The Roomba is surprisingly robust in its pursuit of dust and other small debris, but will still choke on larger waste and the seemingly infinite supply of bits of string to be found in dark corners. When it does, some manual attention is required. It's perhaps best thought of as an alchemical device to convert tinkering into cleaning.

Upper floors

According to the landlord, do not go to the upper floors to avoid any complaints from upstairs tenants.


Roof access is strictly prohibited, and accessing it will endanger our lease (this is enforced by cameras).


There is a bathroom inside our unit. (There is also a bathroom right outside of the door, please don't use it as it belongs to the other tenant on the our floor.)


Our water heater is behind the little door above the bathroom in the hallway.