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This page outlines the steps taken to start up Hack Manhattan as an organization. As part of the Hack Manhattan organizational culture we document and publish the paperwork needed to register with the local and federal government as well as our bylaws and articles of incorporation. We hope these administrative pages serve not only to provide a historic record for our hacker space, but also to help other organizations with the initial steps in getting started. The following link was a useful reference for this entire process:

Liability Release Form

If visitors or members are to use any potentially dangerous tools or chemicals, a liability release form (File:HM Release.pdf or guardian-signed version File:HM Release Guardian.pdf) must be signed, a clipboard featuring which is hanging somewhere central, and put away into the filing cabinet with the rest of the signed liability forms.

Annual Filing Obligations

Task Deadline
CHAR500 with form 990 April 15
990-N (under $25,000 revenue) or May 15
  • State corporation income tax?
  • City corporation franchise tax?


Task Status
Draft and sign Certificate of Incorporation DONE
Apply for Commissioner's Consent DONE
File Certificate of Incorporation with Secretary of State DONE DoS
Obtain sales tax exemption TODO
Obtain state corporation franchise tax exemption TODO
Obtain New York City general corporation tax exemption TODO
Obtain federal EIN DONE 45-3687154
Open bank account DONE
Register as a charity with Attorney General DONE 42-99-05
Obtain 501(c)(3) status DONE

Essential information

EIN 45-3687154
State tax ID TF-2983021
State charity registration number 42-99-05

Members decisions

We have a PayPal account for dues and an account at the Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union. We have two debit cards for the account, currently held by Daniel and Guan.

Filing for Tax Exempt Status with the IRS

  • File form 1023 and then we can file taxes annually with form 990-N (until we reach over 25k gross receipts at which point we file the regular 990 form).

Filing for Tax Exempt Status for New York Sales Tax and Corporation Franchise Tax

Sales Tax: Form ST-119.2 Instructions

Corporation Tax: Form CT-247

This is the stage where we must have Bylaws ready. Bylaws are not required to get Commissioner's Consent or to incorporate.

Registering as a charity with the Attorney General

Necessary if we will have charitable activities and/or will carry out fundraising. Requires Bylaws.

Form CHAR410 Instructions