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It is proposed that Hack Manhattan pay for generic cards and for personal cards for members who are regularly involved in outreach or at events. Currently waiting for quotes.


Proposed designs


MG how about adding our hashtag # to thre cards - great for event attendees?





Anyone who intends to spend time doing outreach for Hack Manhattan and wants personal business cards will receive them. As long as we have enough slots, you will also get a email account or forward. Please list your name, the title you would like. Add contact info, especially if you want your phone number on there, otherwise it will just be an email address.

  • Guan Yang, Treasurer, guan@, 617-710-6728
  • Ben Sugimori, Roboticist, ben.s@
  • Matthew Duepner, 3D printer aficionado, matthewduepner@, 917-675-0551
  • Meryl Greenblatt, Intelligence Collector, meryl@, 646-248-9362
  • Xo, Minister of Art and Propaganda, rendall@
  • David Reeves, Director-At-Large, david@
  • Charlie Ridgway, Destructive Testing Specialist, kc2ped@  !!! No E in last name !!!
  • Beads Land-Trujillo, Denizen Creativity Instigator,