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Propose we don't have any rules around 'respect each other, bad behavior will not be tolerated'. Our basic assumption is that we're adults, such behavior is clear, and we don't need such a rule. If we need such a rule, then we have a problem.

Totally see your point, however it is specific language needed as notice by the insurance provider.

Could we see the specific language, please? Perhaps we can craft less obstreperous language while keeping to their requirements.

Seems to me that's been a fair assumption for us up to now. But as we expand, why should we a priori assume that every person walking through the door will be aware of or necessarily share our assumptions, and assume that we can afford not to CYA? Oh dear, I'm starting to sound like Sir Humphrey Appleby. :)

I agree that this kind of language is totally unnecessary for our purposes, but is it really that bad that it exists for insurance purposes as long as we don't draw excessive attention to it? This particular insurer required "written policy strictly prohibiting hostile and antagonizing behavior"; I don't see that as requiring specific language, it could be something with the same effect, although some insurers may require specific language or have additional requirements. And I would say that we don't necessarily need to publicize all of these rules in the space itself. We wouldn't necessary have a poster with the PayPal dues payment rules. --Guan 15:32, 9 December 2011 (EST)