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Rule 1

(a) The fact that no formal rule has been adopted for a type of behavior does not mean that it is tolerated at Hack Manhattan.

(b) It is a violation of this rule to behave in a manner which a reasonable person would find unacceptable at a typical hackerspace or similar unstaffed, shared space.

(c) Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to, acts that

(i) are illegal,

(ii) threaten the health and safety of humans,

(iii) unreasonably disrupt the ability of other members and visitors to use the facilities and equipment,

(iv) unreasonably expose the corporation to material risks to its activities, purposes, finances, reputation, viability or existence, or

(v) intentionally damage or are likely to damage the property of the corporation or others.

Rule 2

The corporation’s rules apply

(i) in the space,

(ii) in indoor and outdoor common areas in the building,

(iii) in online spaces including mailing lists and wiki,

(iv) at events outside the space hosted by Hack Manhattan, and

(v) at events outside the space at which Hack Manhattan participates in an organized way.

Rule 3

Smoking is prohibited.

Rule 4

The Code of Conduct applies.

This rule was adopted on March 30, 2021, with this provision: The suspension and expulsion sanctions may require Bylaws changes which would have to be drafted and adopted at a formal meeting of members with 10 days’ notice. Giving that notice would require a board decision. The Code of Conduct will apply to the extent permitted by the Bylaws. As a temporary measure until the Bylaws can be amended, if the Code of Conduct Committee adopts a consequence that can only be implemented as a decision of the members, the Committee may recommend that consequence in a report at a business meeting, at which it must either pass on the Consensus Agenda, if there are no objections, or be voted upon without debate.

Rule 5

(a) The board may exclude anyone who violates the corporation’s rules from any or all Hack Manhattan activities, under such conditions and limitations as the board may prescribe.

(b) An exclusion under this rule is effective until the next regular business meeting, at which the members may decide on permanent exclusion, in the case of an excluded non-member, or termination of membership, in the case of an excluded member.

(c) A member may be excluded under this rule only if

(i) the violation is serious and poses a grave or imminent threat to the corporation or to its members or visitors, and

(ii) the board is satisfied that there are no alternative means to protect the corporation or its members or visitors that the corporation can reasonably implement.

(d) A member who is excluded under this rule is entitled to a pro rata refund of dues paid for the period of the exclusion.

(e) A member whose exclusion under this rule extends to business meetings is entitled to reasonable accommodations to participate in deliberations of the meeting remotely and to cast votes.

(f) An exclusion may also be decided by the Code of Conduct Committee as a consequence under the Code of Conduct.

Rule 6

(a) "Donations" of objects that inhabit corporeal form are prohibited.

(b) This rule does not apply to transfers to one specific member who has agreed in advance to retrieve the items within 24 hours or items that are placed directly in member storage by mutual agreement with a member.

(c) The board may approve exceptions to this rule, under prescribed conditions, by a two-thirds majority decision with a recorded vote and a quorum consisting of a majority of the board. Applications must be accompanied by a complete inventory of the items proposed to be donated. The board shall observe the corporation's policy that donations of a large number of assorted items are to be avoided.

Rule 7

A member who ceases to pay dues, with the intention of terminating membership in Hack Manhattan, without informing the Treasurer or the Board by email or in writing, is liable to pay dues until the effective termination date, as well as an assessment of one month of dues. The effective termination date is the date on which the earlier of the following occurs:

(i) the member gives notice of termination,

(ii) the board effects a decision terminating membership, or

(iii) the member returns their keys, retrieves their effects, and otherwise resolves all practical aspects of their membership.

Rule 8

A former member may be readmitted without a decision of the members if, in the board's judgment, the former member is suitable for membership and does not intend to leave and rejoin on a recurring basis.

Rule 9

(a) Members in good standing are afforded access to the space in order to fulfill their responsibilities, at any time and subject to these rules and other applicable decisions.

(b) Persons other than members in good standing may use the space and facilities whenever a member in good standing is present and hosting, subject to these rules, other applicable decisions, and the supervision of the hosting member in good standing.

(c) The board may authorize other persons, including employees and contractors of the corporation, to access the space, under prescribed conditions, to the extent necessary for those persons to perform their duties.

(d) All entry into, presence in and use of the space, other than as provided for in this rule, is unauthorized.

Rule 10

The loaning or transferring of keys, or other codes or tokens used for access control, whether original or copies, to the space to non-members is specifically prohibited. A violation is grounds for expulsion.

Rule 11

Approved February 2018.

New members may be admitted by the board (or by a membership committee) outside a business meeting if:

(i) They have visited three regular open night events;

(ii) They have received the prescribed new member orientation briefing;

(iii) The application has been submitted by the briefer to the members, and the members have had at least one week to consider the application;

(iv) The application is accompanied by a short biography and a photograph of the applicant (unless the board or the membership committee allows an exception); and

(v) The application has received at least two affirmative votes and no negative votes by members, communicated on the members mailing list.

The members may appoint a membership committee which may also make the final admission decision under this rule.

Rule 12

Approved January 2023.

Before using heavy equipment (bandsaw, CNC, etc.), you must audibly warn the people in the space and then wait a meaningful amount of time for the people present to prepare adequately (i.e. put on headphones to block out noise) before using the equipment. This is not only a matter of courtesy but also a way of being mindful of sensory difficulties.

Rule 13

Approved August 2022.

No sleeping in the space.