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We moved so this list has been reset. Please help us repopulate it!

Put places on this page that are in our 'hood and are worth knowing about for one reason or another. Add categories as needed, but be parsimonious.


Do you really need to buy locally?

People often want things on the SAME DAY, then proceed to waste a lot of time trying to find it locally. By the same they actually get around to it, an order from an online vendor will arrived.

Cheap, Fast and Good

They say "pick any two", but to get into this section, which is devoted to places to grab a bite near Hack Manhattan, you have to qualify on all three.

Add a new place in a new sub-heading and your own review or comments in a bullet.

Example place

Summary line .

123 Location St
New York, NY 12345
(555) 555-5555

Places Close to HackManhattan! to Buy Stuff

This category is for places to just run out and pick something up in a jiffy, or stop by on the way in. The emphasis is on proximity, not selection or quality. For an emphasis on quality and variety, see Retail Stores in the City that Sell Cool Stuff.

Home Depot

You know the deal....
0700 - 2200 M-S, 0800-2000 Sun

40 West 23rd Street (5/6 Ave, S side) map
New York, NY 10010
(212) 929-9571


Both Manhattan Lowes stores have closed. There is still one left in Brooklyn.


Metalworking and Jewelry Crafting supply
135 W 29th St #205, New York, NY 10001
9-5 MTWTF except closes early on Friday b/c shabbat. bring cash.

Not So Local

See the Suppliers page for resources farther afield.