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There has been discussion for some time about selling kits, electronics components, and other useful stuff at our space. Currently we have drinks available, but availability is limited by the size and location of our fridge. In addition, a cash box has to be left out for purchases. A combination drinks/snacks vending machine could be repurposed to sell all of these products and make access to them significantly more convenient than would be feasible through other means.


The Machine

This is an example of the type of model we could consider, currently available on eBay for a good price. It also happens to be within driving distance for paid movers or members who are manual labor enthusiasts.


Modification Ideas

  • The Umati from UC Berkeley: touchscreen, card reader
  • Android app and proximity sensor concept video, which strangely fails without a fix at the end (but nice idea)
  • Adafruit blog post about a Paypal-based gumball dispenser

What to Put In It

For assistance in visualizing, here is a stocked machine at Makerbot:


We could sell:

  • kits
  • electronics components
  • soldering supplies
  • HM souvenirs
  • junk food
  • beer
  • soda


Estimated recovery would be one year max:

  • Machine: $500-$1000
  • Freight or movers: $250-$450
  • Stock: initial outlay $500-$750

SuperLuckyCat 22:09, 4 January 2013 (UTC)