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PrusaMendelV2 Howto

General rules

  1. When loading or removing plastic, turn motors off and feed by hand, with the hotend heated up.
  2. Pay for the plastic you use. $0.50 per meter.
  3. ABS is evil (see below).
  4. Observe at least the first couple of layers of your print to make sure nothing goes wrong.
  5. Stay in the room for the first couple of turns of the filament spool to make sure it unspools correctly.

ABS is evil

Countless man hours have been spent trying to fix the printer after ABS use. Don't print ABS unless you have to and you know what you're doing, and in particular that you know how to fix and reconstruct the extruder. Always retract the filament after you're done.

Certain other types of plastic are also evil, including orange PLA.

Prusa Mendel Reprap

This build will be a Reprap Prusa Mendel V2 (previously known as 'felt' branch). It will use linear bearings and ACME threaded rod for the Z leadscrews, and upgrade parts printed by Hack Manhattan members in both ABS and PLA.

The printer is on loan to the space from Guan and will be available for use by members.

PrusaMendelV2 Howto

Build Status

The printer currently looks like this:


Burning in the heatcore ceramic:

IMG 0521.jpg

Next steps in the build

It's finished!

Print Log

Date Description Notes Person
2012-02-28 Owl Natural PLA Guan
2012-03-05 Spiro-coaster Natural PLA Guan
2012-03-05 Flowerpot stand Natural PLA Guan
2012-03-07 linear bearing in natural PLA (200 deg, blue tape) DaveR
2012-03-15 spool in green PLA (200 deg, blue tape) DaveR
2012-03-15 Wine bottle holder Green PLA, 210/200 deg, blue tape, 2/2/0.15, 1.30 extrusion multiplier Guan
2012-03-15 Tape dispenser Natural PLA, 210/200 deg, blue tape, 2/2/0.15, 1.30 extrusion multiplier Crystal
2012-03-17 ACME Z rod coupling (via Joe) Natural PLA, 210/200 deg, blue tape, 2/3/0.3, 1.30 extrusion multiplier, 0.1 layer Dave