POE Cameras

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The POE Cameras were salvaged from Babycastle's location unfortunate closing(04-28-2023) and function via ActiveX, an unsupported-by-any-browser webui. They're not half-bad either at 1080p 2MP, and thanks to the hard work of Stephen on the hardware side and Pidge on the software side, we have a way to access and use these ancient beasts.

Security Concerns

This software is _incredibly_ out of date & insecure. Do not expose this to your local network, and certainly not the public internet. The default credentials(admin:1234) are irrelevant to the security of this stream since the software is so out of date it would be trivial to get past any in-software authentication. Just keeping it local to the computer recording the stream and not connecting that computer to the internet in any capacity is annoying but that's the trade-off with such old hardware.


In the POECAM milk crate currently(05-30-2023) located at the bottom-right of the large-item-storage shelving is:

  • Roughly 40 Camera modules.
    • Camera box.
    • Camera module via long, proprietary microhdmi port.
  • ~24 wall & Ceiling Mounting Sets.
  • Cisco POE Switch.
    • 54V Power Supply.

Official Info

Hardware Setup

There are two options for setup, POE or Direct.


  • Connect the POE Cisco Switch to its power supply.
  • Connect the desired camera boxes to the Cisco switch.
  • Connect the POE Switch to the computer processing the data.


  • Connect a power supply to the camera box
  • Connect the camera box directly to the computer processing the data.


  • Make sure to keep this processing computer both unconnected to the wider internet and unconnected from your local network.

Software Setup

The software on the linux boxes attatches to an ip on the attatched network going bottom-up from *.*.*.255.

  • Run an ip-scan on the attatched network with a program like AngryIP, looking out for the open ports 80, 22, but NOT 443. This should narrow down the potential options down to a reasonable extent. Record all ips that fit this port criteria.
  • With any program that can open an RTSP stream like VLC, open the URL rtsp://admin:1234@[ip] where [ip] is the ip that fits the above port criteria.
    • If the stream does not open, try another ip that fits the port criteria.

Next Steps

There are a few ways to record the stream to a local file, either via ffmpeg or VLC.