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To be scheduled: the workshop was cancelled due to Brain Pong


  • Introduction to solid geometry with Tinkercad
  • Primitive solids
  • Operations on solids: translate, rotate, scale
  • Basic solid geometry operations: union, difference, intersection
  • Resolution
  • For loops
  • 2D primitives and importing 2D shapes
  • Linear and rotate extrude
  • Thinking in solid geometry, example: Round corners
  • Modules
  • Exporting STL and slicing
  • Miscellaneous topics: Color, multipart designs
  • After OpenSCAD: netfabb and MeshLab


Before the workshop, install:




  1. 5mm thick box, 50x50x80mm internal dimension, open on the top
  2. Toy car with round corners
  3. Parametric snowman with arms, eyes and nose
  4. A flower


We are having a little poll. Please add your name to indicate your vote:

Poll 1:

  1. Weekday afternoon and evening:

Crystal (Tue, Thur, Fri) Dave (Mon, Tue, Thu) (Wed possibly, Fri possibly)

  1. Weekend afternoon: Antonio

Crystal (any) Dave (any) Daniel (any) Sam (any)

Poll 2:

  1. Last 2 weeks of May

Crystal Dave Daniel Sam

  1. First 2 weeks of June:

Antonio Daniel Sam

  1. Last 2 weeks of June

If you really really (really) want to attend and there are times you want to veto, add your name and dates here: