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This page describes the process of becoming an official member. If you want to support Hack Manhattan or plan to utilize the space and community quite a bit, consider becoming a member.

Members have 24 hour access to the space and voting privileges. Responsibilities include paying monthly dues and keeping the space, equipment and organization in good condition.

Non-members can still participate in Hack Manhattan projects, visit and use the space when a member is present, and participate in the Discord. The space is usually open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It is often possible to visit and use the space at other times when a member is around and willing to host (all members have a key), just ask on Discord.

Do you need membership?

It is possible to use the space and equipment without a membership in connection with a meeting, open house, or other event, or when supervised by a member. Ask on the Discord if you want to visit the space outside regular events. Non-members are free to participate fully on the Discord and in any discussions and projects at Hack Manhattan. They can also attend and participate in business meetings, but cannot vote.

How to become a member

To be approved as a member at the next business meeting (held on the last Tuesday of the month), you must have:

  1. Visited at least three Tuesday or Thursday open houses.
  2. Received a New Member Orientation Briefing.

(There are some additional administrative things the briefer will go through at the briefing and take care of. The briefer will send a photo and a brief biography to the members, so be prepared to talk about yourself for a minute, and there is a one-week waiting period after the bio is circulated.)

It is no longer necessary to wait for the monthly members' meeting to be approved as a new member.

If your membership application is approved, you'll want to read the next section on monthly dues payments. You'll then be able to get your keys from a board member. You'll probably want to (re)read the Orientation Guide for Members.

Monthly dues payments

Membership levels

There are two official membership levels that allow for voting rights at meetings and free access to the space. The two membership levels are equivalent in every way except cost.

  • Standard - pay $110/mo.
  • Starving Hacker - pay $55/mo (students and underemployed)

Payment Options

There is one payment option: PayPal.

PayPal - PayPal is simple if you're used to PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or just pay with a credit card. If you ever need to cancel payments, you can find the relevant page on or use an old email notification and click on "recurring payments dashboard." If you need to change between dues levels, you need to cancel your existing recurring payment and start a new one.

Membership transactions

Resigning your membership

Cancel your recurring payments if possible, and send an email to the Board at board <at> and the Treasurer at finance <at> You don't need to give a reason.

The most important thing is to notify us. If you did, we will refund any dues accidentally paid.

If you don't notify us, you are liable to pay dues until you do notify us.

Mail your keys if you can't return them in person.


There is no policy for suspensions. If you leave Hack Manhattan and want to rejoin later, as long as it’s not a recurring thing, you will normally not have to go through the whole membership process again.


Refunds are approved by the board on a case-by-case basis. They are more likely to be approved if the error is discovered quickly, e.g. you meant to resign but forgot to tell us, and you let us know within a day or two of a dues payment.

Starving Hacker membership

We do not ordinarily require formal documentation for Starving Hacker status, but reserve the right to do so. The official procedure is that decisions are made by the board, subject to being overturned by the membership.

List of members

Members are subscribed to the members mailing list. Once you log in, you can then view a list of members' email addresses. If you don't have a Google Groups account, you can request the board to furnish a list to the mailing list.

The list is kept up to date regularly. It may not reflect members who joined or left in the last couple of weeks.