Lulzbot Taz 6

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Pictured on 08-10-2023 in Rack Manhattan.

The Lulzbot Taz 6 was generously donated by Marceline via Technocopia

This is a prusaslicer config for the taz6: File:PrusaSlicer config bundle

Maintenance Advice

Extruder Head Oddity

The whole assembly of the extrusion head is very weird and unorthodox, so sometimes when it gets clogged, the clog exists somewhere up the chain even if the hotend is clean. The hotend itself is not one we have in stock so try not to pull it out, it is almost certainly not the problem.

GCode Oddity

Running new gcode sometimes results in an odd leveling failure which cancels the job, this takes several minutes to occur so make sure to stick around for leveling to finish before leaving the job to run. In this screenshot of the octoprint temperature graph, the leveling fails at the point marked in yellow. The job was the manually restarted at the next start point, successful printing can be confirmed when the temperature jumps to ~200°C, marked in green.