HM Public Laptop

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The HM Public Laptop(HMPL) is the current(05-28-2023) laptop for public use in the space, it runs a minimal install of the long-term support channel of windows 10 with a few key bits of software. Updated and cleaned out frequently. Word of warning: This laptop is a nightmare to disassemble past SSD, RAM, & the Wifi card. Do not attempt anything past that without really knowing what you're doing.

Notably Good Software

  • Waterfox is a Mozilla-less fork of Firefox that is a bit lighter and faster. Set up to wipe browsing data like cookies and logins every midnight. No more finding someone's forgot to log out of Slack!
  • Windows 10 LTSC is a enterprise-oriented distribution of Windows 10 meant for business customers, it comes pre-installed with nothing.
  • MS Edge was remove entirely with the help of the | Remove-MS-Edge tool.
  • Everything is a super-fast, IT-friendly indexing file search app by voidtools.
  • WSL Ubuntu & Windows Terminal. All the advantges of linux on a windows box.

Other Notable Software


Backups of the cleanest image of the Windows install were taken on 05-26-2023, currently(05-28-2023) stored on a USB drive and kept track of by Luna. Plans are in place to back up this clean image to both a long-term cold storage of CD drives and hot-storage in the form of a NAS in Rack Manhattan.

System Info

Unborking the Public Laptop

HP Probook 470 G5
S/N 5CD9088R70
i5-8250U @1.6GHz
2x8GB DDR3
Port Selection
Audio Combo