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FlashlightTron™ 8000

FlashlightTron™ 8000 is a combination light source, graffiti projector, and personal protection device. The system is built into a Maglite case.


  • Maglite
  • 20W cool white LED (Ebay)
  • Small cheap linux board - I used the Linino, which is essentially an Arduino Yún (Sparkfun, Digikey, Ebay, etc)
  • 4x18650 size LiIon cells (Ebay) + charger
  • Cheap Nokia TFT LCD (Adafruit)
  • Boost converter (Ebay, or build your own)
  • Convex lens - good quality is important for a good projection


Exploded Schematic

  • My plan is to use the linux board as a HTTP server - POSTing an image or small video will cause it to be projected
  • The Arduino side of the linino board will control the display - it will receive bitmaps from the linux side over SPI, and paint them on the display
  • This could also be done with a Raspberry Pi, maybe a compute module.
  • Ultimately also have physical controls to change the brightness (20w is pretty bright and the batteries won't last long) and have builtin images for e.g. colored light
  • Screen savers, kaleidoscope?
  1. Build and test boost converter
  2. Peel the back off the Nokia display
  3. In progress

--rmd6502 (talk) 15:54, 27 June 2015 (UTC)