El-Cheapo RFID

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EL-Cheapo RFID Reader, powered by the doorpi mounted next to the door:


  • Mix 1 part MFRC522 Module from Aliexpress , with 1 part CP21xx also from Aliexpress.
  • Cut trace connecting pin EA(pin 32 (next to pin 1)) to 3V3 (of the MFRC522 chip). Connect it instead to GND enabling UART communication mode.
  • Sprinkle 2 drops of krazy glue and mix modules together.
  • Leave covered overnight or a few hours till glue solidifies.
  • Solder wires connecting relevant pins together.

To use your El-Cheapo RFID reader, go to Github and clone that repository. That fork of libnfc is capable of reading uid, sak, and Rats from a single card in the field. It however needs help to handle authentication for Mifare, optimization for uart communication, and collision handling for multiple tags. Have fun!