Charlieplexed PWM Heart

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What is it?

A design for a heart-shaped PCB with a charlieplexed array of LEDs controlled by an ATTiny85 microcontroller.


Step-by-step Assembly Guide

Source Code for firmware and 3D-printed case


Eagle files are in the Charlie directory

Parts list

Quantity Description Location
53Ω resistors[2]
11kΩ resistor[3]
1.1 µF capacitor[4]
20SMD LEDs[5]
1P channel MOSFET
1Tactile NO SPST switch
1CR2032 battery holder[6], or part number 270-009 at Radio Shack - I'll order more from Digikey
1CR2032 battery[7]

To program the firmware you'll need an AVR Dragon, and the tiny JST 6pin header