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Announce or coordinate events and other use of the space that might affect others on Blabber.

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar is the definitive calendar for space reservation purposes. Everything that is planned to go on at the space is recorded here. Ask someone if you want access to it.


Our Meetup group is where we announce events to the public. An event is something that a lot of different people, who are not involved in the planning the event, might wish to attend.

All Meetup events must also be listed on the calendar.

For example, a class or discussion session would usually be listed on Meetup. If you are going to shut down the space for cleaning (with prior coordination), that is not usually something we would announce on Meetup.


Consolidated calendars for Hack Manhattan, Rat Park and the wider New York City area are maintained as part of the Bricodash on-site dashboard, displayed on the large screen in the main work area and a smaller screen by the machine shop. Additionally, a three-day summary of all consolidated events is posted every 12 hours to the #thehaps channel on our Slack.

The third of the aforementioned calendars draws on, among other sources, event listings contributed via Bricodash/Extra:Calendar.