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The CNC Router/Mill is up and running.

"Verified" Members

Only the members listed below should be using the CNC Router/Mill.
If you wish to gain access to the laser, contact someone on the list and request a walk-through from them.
When you get your walk-through, add yourself to the list and put down the name/handle of who gave it to you.

Member Instructor Comments
Konstantin Konstantin
Charlie Konstantin

How It Works

Full documentation will appear here as soon as I can figure out how to get it out of my HTML 0.0 document and into Wiki code.

The bottom line is:

  • create your object in Inkscape
  • use the Gcodetools plugin to create a Gcode file
  • copy the Gcode file to the Beaglebone controller of the mill
  • The CNC Router/Mill is controlled using both the Dell laptop on the workbench and the black pendant held on the wall with magnets below the light switches
  • Click CNC
  • Password: machinekit
  • Launch LinuxCNC - type "cnc" (lower case, no quotes)
  • Load your Gcide file into LinuxCNC
  • Turn on power on the beige control box
  • Turn Machine Power on in the AXIS GUI
  • Press the control box EMERGENCY STOP paddle switch down to disengage it
  • Select each axis in turn on the paddle and use the jog wheel to move the motor close to the end stops. Turn the jog wheel slowly as it has a key ahead buffer and will store a motion pulse for each detent you feel and will continue to move the motor after you stop turning the wheel until the buffer has been emptied potentially jamming the tool into a stop.
  • Press Auto Home. The AXIS GUI will show the tool in the upper left corner
  • Jog the tool to place the tool over your workpiece in the location that corresponds to the location of your left Orientation Point in your Inkscape SVG and in contact with the surface of the workpiece.
  • In the AXIS GUI select each axis, press Touchoff,enter "0.0", and press Enter
  • Turn on the router
  • On the pendant press the blue forward triangle to begin executing the file. Use the green button to pause/restart execution. Use the ... button to execute the code one line at a time.
  • Delete your Gcode files from the Beaglebone. Its memory is not unlimited and we need to keep space available for other users.