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Stupid Jokes Originating At HackManhattan!

  • Did you hear about the lathe and the milling machine who had a baby? They couldn't think of what to call it, so they decided to collet Chuck....
  • My wife told me she found a flip-flop store. I asked her to pick up a few 74HC74's
  • We got some bees from Georgia and installed them in a home-built, bespoke NYC-style luxury bee condo up on our roof. We set out a few lawn chairs, brought up a few bottles of our Hackmanhattan home-brewed honeyless honey porter, and waited to see them making honey. But they seemed disoriented, as if they could not figure out where to go or what to do. Finally we figured out why: "It's because they're new-bees".
  • Back in December, 2012, this little repartee took place on our mailing list. Guan was shopping for parts for a work table.
    • Guan: We now have an 8th leg! Unfortunately, I couldn't remember our leg color.
    • Robert: Leg1 is usually Vcc, and leg 8 usually GND, right?
  • Robert (while explaining how to build a sine wave generator): 'Oh, I shouldn't have to explain integrals to a PhD - must be the Hack Manhattan beer, they do say "Don't Drink and Derive".
  • I heard that you can make an analog computer out of crabs - "That sounds very fishy to me".

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