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Commemorative Coins

@mugenity created a one year anniversary coin for the effort. The coins were designed to contain a microSD card with a thank you note. This is token that may be useful for a new fundraising campaign.

Designs can be found in

Material Breakdown
Material Cost Per Purchase Unit Cost per Coin Notes
Resin $25 per 500mL per can $0.40 very fragile to dropping, might need clear epoxy reinforcement
Aluminum $? $? difficult to smelt safely
Pewter $105 per 4lb ?

Additional Costs

  • Delivery to supporters (Possible per envelope)
  • MicroSD modification requires purchasing a microSD click slot for around $0.20 per unit
  • MicroSD containing a thank you note or media would cost $4.50 for a 16GB (smallest available at Microcenter)

Cost research

  • Etsy shows listings for metal coins ~$20 and hundreds of sales
  • Resin coins could go for similar prices if reinforced so dropping doesn't cause breakage
  • 100 coins sold at $10 would be ~$900 profit.

Raise money on Kickstarter or

Examples of successful hackerspace kickstarters:

Example of unsuccessful hcakerspace kickstarters:

The unsuccessful ones were overly specific. The successful ones were about the entire project. I think we can pull off a $3000-6000 fund-raising campaign, easy. More if we have some larger goals like the green roof project or educational stuff for kids that might contribute to the city directly.


Additional effort needed.

Garage Sale

Start listing the stuff we have at HM for sale, label with prices so even visitors can buy things they like.

Short term Increase

Discounted multi-month payment: In order to increase the amount of money we need to move to a new location, we need more money in our budget. As it stands, most rents in our target area would leave us with less than a few months of operating room.

  • Starving Hacker Rate: $45 * 6 months = $270
  • Standard Rate: $90 * 6 months = $540

This is a double edges sword taking the money now would result in less monthly income in the future.

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