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We have decided to try our hands at building a [Wallace] Reprap, which is a somewhat sturdier derivative of the minimal Printrbot design. We chose this design as it is parametric (you can use any lengths of rod you like to change the build area) and uses much less hardware and fewer printed parts than other Mendels, and is thus cheaper and faster to assemble.


We will be using the following (SAE/metric hybrid) hardware for the Wallace:

NEMA14 motors (35mm, M3, high torque)

1/4" Zinc-plated steel rod:

Axis Desired (mm) Threaded Smooth
X 130 290 265
Y 130 251 201
Z 100 236.5 346.5

Printed PLA SW4UU (1/4") linear bearings

[Melzi] electronics

J-head hot ends, with NEMA14-driven Wade's extruder

Build Status

First print has been achieved!


The printer currently looks like this:

HMWallace Jhead.jpg

  • Outstanding items to do:
  • Motors are currently running too hot - need to decrease current and add heatsinks to Stepsticks
  • Wire management
  • Switch out RAMPS for Melzi