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Founding member of Metalab (also on Wikipedia) which is sort-of-kind-of helped start the popularisation of the concept of hackerspaces in 2007. Lived in Berlin for a while and found friends at Chaos Computer Club Berlin. I checked out Noisebridge for a while in 2009 (and again in 2014) and also got to be "artist in residence" at NYC Resistor in 2008. In 2013/2014 I spent a lot of time at FUBAR Labs in New Jersey, but by now I hang out at HM quite a lot.

In this whole hacker community thing I'm kind of known for also being involved in the art world. I co-founded the Graffiti Research Lab offshot in Vienna, and occasionally build installations for artists/designers using rapid prototyping tools, microcontrollers and/or software. I also dealt with my fair share of administrative tasks, having helped distribute city of Vienna's grant money in a self-organised fashion as part of the NetzNetz coordination team and dealing with social, bureaucratic and technical (hacker)space issues as part of the Metalab board (2011/2012) or as the co-founder of a 1000m^2 art "off-space" in Vienna (2010).

Oh yeah, and I initiated CryptoParties back at home.

website // contact info ($ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys AF47B827FB08B11CBC761B875DE83E90EFFCDDF9 although OpenPGP is the worst please don't send me encrypted email)