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Some key points of my technological life:

  • I started working with computers at 11 years old by riding my bicycle to Radio Shack and playing on their TRS-80
  • In 1979, my parents bought an Atari-800, and I began to learn a lot about programming and telecommunications
  • In late 1979, I programmed my own Bulletin Board System (CACTUS-800), which would change names a few times and become Mulricom-4 a 100+ line BBS & ISP in the '90s
  • I started hacking into mainframes and mini-computers in the early 80s via X.25 networks and learned even more about computers
  • I was a phreaker (phone hacker) back before I knew the word - mostly self-taught, a parallel life to Even Doorbell
  • I completed my first 4-year college degree simultaneously while graduating from high school, I was a T.A. and Adult-Ed teacher in my teens
  • I founded several computer user groups and was a member of IEEE, RARA and several other similar organisations
  • I ran several of my own businesses (including the forenamed BBS/ISP) and a retail custom leather shop (1989-1999)
  • I worked with members of C.S.H. (Computer Science House at R.I.T.) to recompile the Slackware Linux kernel with new features that are now standard
  • I worked at IBM from 1999-2009 as a Level 3 Unix/OpenVMS Systems Administrator and helped create V.S.A. (Virtual System Admin), a puppet-like tool to manage servers
  • I worked as the Global Service Manager at the New York Stock Exchange to help them integrate NYFIX into their portfolio (read: governance)
  • I am presently the Global Infrastructure Service Manager for Reuters News Agency (a/k/a Thomson Reuters)


    Personal likes/dislikes:

  • I enjoy good sci-fi, and SOME bad sci-fi. Star Trek, The Orville, Dr Who are shows I watch religiously
  • I love to travel both internationally and on my motorcycle (a Road Star 1700cc V-Twin)
  • I am a member of TOOOL NYC, a lock-picking/lock-sport group (see
  • I love technology; however, as I get older I feel I can't keep up with it all... I'm still watching talks from DEFCON24 and the 12th HOPE
  • I started flying and racing drones in 2017, but it's difficult to do in NYC
  • I listen to a variety of podcasts some serious, some goofy: Phone Losers of America/Snow Plow Show (Brad Carter), I.R.L., Antic, RISK!, Steal This Show and Jason Scott
  • I love to help people cut the cable TV and move to VoIP and IPTV for a fraction of the price
  • I run a massive server with over 14TB of videos, films, television shows, music and software, accessible via streaming, FTP or DC++
  • I run several websites, some are pay, most are free

    I'm interested in Hack Manhattan for several reasons:

  • To be a back-up to Br (Brian) to host TOOOL meetings on the 2nd Wednesdays of each month at Hack Manhattan
  • To have a place to work on projects from time to time, as I don't have the space or all needed equipment at home
  • To meet other like-minded people and learn new skills
  • To offer my knowledge and contacts to help foster the tech community at Hack Manhattan

    My full 'personal profile' can be seen at which contains more information about my personal life

    Photos from top to bottom:

  • Me on my 1700cc V-Twin Road Star motorcycle, taken in Boston when it was new
  • A classic "Blue Box" MF-tone dialler to allow phone phreaking to take place
  • A TRS-80, the computer that started everything... then the Atari-800 came into my life!