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Alias: jsadusk

Real Name: Joe Sadusk

Email: My first name at my last name dot com

Projects and interests

  • Software design - From embedded C, to kernels and OSs, to servers and distributed computation, to mobile development, to compilers and high level scripting languages.
  • RepRap - I have been working on a Mendel for the last couple of years, and when it works it produces amazing things.
  • Bike mechanics - I've built three bikes so far, and User:Guan and I are building another for the Bike workshop

What I'd like to learn

  • Electronics - I've done some minor electronics work, mostly for the RepRap, and I understand the basics but not much more than that. I'd really like to expand my understanding of EE theory to compliment my software work
  • Metal work - The one thing I haven't built on a bike is a frame. I would love to learn enough welding to make one from scratch
  • Wood working/furniture construction - My woodworking skills haven't been in use since high school shop class. I would like to be able to make useful things for my home.