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(Delta Printer Upgrade)
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Our CR-10 has been shutting down in the middle of print-jobs. Going to see about investigating logs / swapping power supplies to see if we can figure out what's going wrong.
Our CR-10 has been shutting down in the middle of print-jobs. Going to see about investigating logs / swapping power supplies to see if we can figure out what's going wrong.
=== Delta Printer Upgrade ===
One of our members has brought in their delta printer from home to work on upgrading the armatures. I'm hoping to get some hands on experience with the device by pitching in.
=== Documenting Projects to Date ===
=== Documenting Projects to Date ===

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Stuff I want to do with 3d printing and other miscellaneous hands-on making.

3d Printing

Learning the ins and outs of 3d modeling in OpenSCAD, and getting familiar with the mechanical properties of PLA and the annealing process.

CR-10 Power Troubleshooting

Our CR-10 has been shutting down in the middle of print-jobs. Going to see about investigating logs / swapping power supplies to see if we can figure out what's going wrong.

Documenting Projects to Date

Setting up a generic repository for design projects to date, together with basic documentation of each project. Along with this, should probably update the space's 3D Printing page, which is significantly out of date.

Recent models printed include:

  • a wallet-card size coin holder
  • anti-fatigue-mat-safe shoes for a kitchen foot stool
  • a bobbin cover plate for the HM Singer*
  • a tension rod wall sconce
  • a socket-and-trough mounted placard-holder

*Found recently that someone had cellophane-taped the bobbin cover plate into place. Still needs to be a smidgen longer.

New 3d Print Designs

Some off the shelf thingiverse designs:

  • case for orange pi zero
  • better amazon dot amplifier (first one tried was structurally unsound)

Planned simple models include:

  • plastic covering of broken arm on eyeglasses
  • replacement drawer handles
  • snap-on rod-shelving side-caddy (nylon filament)
  • replica walker cable clips (nylon filament)
  • toe-space spoiling bumper replacement for Roomba

CR-10 Modifications

Current prototype of Tecknet USB camera mount needs some work. Using smooth surfaces to indicate proper alignment is useful, but need a way to lock in place once oriented.

Also want to do some performance tuning on the Pi currently serving OctoPrint. In particular, trying to identify and resolve the system's habit of hanging on cancelling a job, necessitating reboot of both the CR-10 and the Pi.

Classic Ipod Relay Dock

As part of consolidating my podcast media library, am designing a custom case for the Orange Pi Zero that will be acting as a usbip host and libgpod service. The case will include a dock that will fit my iPod Classic snuggly while in its case and an LED panel to indicate USB traffic.

I may also want to incorporate a speaker into the design, but I'm not sure about that yet.

Replica Hose Cock Key

A hose cock is a faucet found on the exterior of a building. Rather than a handle, the cock is keyed so that it can't readily be turned on by any passing stranger. Currently exploring replicating such a key to provide a backup. Have printed a version in PLA which I intend to anneal. (Need to calibrate the toaster oven at home first.) Plan to explore other filament materials and/or on-demand fab options once I've exhausted the possibilities of annealing.

Brochure Holder

Our current brochure holder is a Thingiverse design. The companion sticker holder and tear-off ticket holder are both scaled versions of same, and suffer from the fact that the original design wasn't meant to shrink. My plan is to develop a custom brochure holder with a two-color stencil-inset of the Hack Manhattan tower logo for its back, together with an integrated sticker holder. Beyond this, the final design will be wind-proof (so that handbills won't go walkabout when displayed at outdoor fairs/festivals) and provide some modicum of rain protection (will likely incorporate some transparent PLA), in addition to providing for an optional tripod mount.

The first step will be to develop the stencil-inset component and figure out a snap-in-place mechanism for loading a stencil-inset back into the brochure holder assembly. Planning to refine the stencil inset process by creating some custom curb-your-dogs signage for a client's sidewalk tree-pit.

Kiosk Tablets

The idea is simple: use a handful of cheap 7" tablets to present basic information about Hack Manhattan, a RatPark tenants' event calendar, demonstration of the HM camera, quick sign-up for the Slack and Blabber, and even an interests questionnaire that would serve to introduce visitors to the breadth of possibilities that Hack Manhattan has to offer, as a space and as a community.

The first task: making it easy to charge and store these tablets, such that no one has to fiddle with USB connectors every time the devices are picked up and put down. For this, planning on using inductive charging loops and creating a simple case and docking cradle arrangement to ensure proper alignment. The cradle will also allow for wall mounting tablets so that they are out of the way yet readily accessible, serving as digital picture-frame style slideshow when not in use.

Going to first get my feet wet with inductive power and custom case design fashioning a recharging dock arrangement for a pair of bluetooth earbuds.

Miscellaneous Crafts

A few minor projects to be tackled:

  • binders for organizing collage clippings
  • swatch books for donated fabrics
  • mixing up a big batch of mod podge for monthly community crafts group
  • repairing a favorite necklace that broke earlier this year
  • improving upon my roommate's bling of my felt laptop case

Raspi Terminal Hub

My dream is to have a hip-mounted Raspberry Pi with an Adafruit-design HUD and a chording keyboard for terminal and input, respectively. The goal being to do much of my writing/programming while walking Hudson River Park, rather than sitting at a table or shifting my weight from foot to foot at my standing desk at home.

The first task is to learn to use a chording keyboard. Practicing on a Twiddler model last year, was up to about 40 wpm on 6 letters (~30 wpm with seventh letter) before setting this aside for a time to dive into other projects. Am wanting also to improve on the Twiddler strap (currently a velcro strip that is serviceable but not ideal) and doing something about how noisily clicky the keyboard keys are.

Related to this, want to set up a Rasbian image distribution mirror, if only so I don't have to wait for downloads for my own projects.

Other Design Projects


  • better fruit fly trap
  • ketchup pack piercing funnel/bottle filler
  • wax-cylinder style media and player


  • AV-cart rig for home-bound video-conferencing
  • collapsible laptop standing desk
  • explore soundproofing for HM if not done already
  • ergonomic walker-handle attachment for wire shopping carts (poss. mobility unlimited challenge)


  • precision autoleveling scissor-lift print bed
  • my own jacquard loom
  • keypunch stamper
  • learn puppet making


  • learn electronics
  • paneled eink display
  • nighttime text tablet
  • gyroscopic posture-retraining monitor
  • many heretofore unimagined projects
  • electronic toy machine language building blocks
  • store-and-forward powerline networking