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Beads Land-Trujillo

Mastodon | Twitter dead

Programmer since childhood, with BA in psychology & computer science from NYU. Worked in Internet/ecommerce during the bubble of the 90s. Also some graduate study in anthropology.

Co-host a monthly community crafts event for my housing co-op. Full of ideas, and love a good brainstorming session. Looking to share a space where creative folk are doing creative things.

Working on projects in three different general categories, listed below.

Nesting Writing Fabricating
  • clear mid-year tasks backlog
  • charitable giving analysis
  • restock pantry
  • better self-employment accounting
  • assist neighbor setting up new laptop
  • revamp household budget
  • flyers for November and December co-op craft events
  • user subpages on wiki
  • crafts event flyers for January and February
  • developing Hack Manhattan Flyers
  • flyers for local singalong events
  • organize "ewaganism" walking tour
  • learn to use chorded keyboard
    • ~25 wpm, home row = ~40 wpm
    • with 7th letter ('r') = ~30 wpm
  • big batch of mod podge
  • attend modeling for 3d printing workshop
  • reduce the clickiness of Twiddler keyboard
  • felt laptop case bling redesign
  • finish putting together half-assembled Makerbot