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Programmer since childhood, with BA in psychology & computer science from NYU. Worked in Internet/ecommerce during the bubble of the 90s. Also some graduate study in anthropology. Full of ideas, and love a good brainstorming session.

Short term projects include: learning to type on a chorded keyboard, writing up a sourcebook for a nWoD/TORG mashup, hacking a resilient Roomba toe-space bumper, developing an Elixir emulation in Lua, converting an apartment hallway into a quick assembly dust tent for woodworking, refashioning a storage tower for a constrained space in apartment bathroom, learning enough about knitting patterns to re-purpose same as programming pedagogy, finishing assembly of a Makerbot currently sitting half-finished on a high shelf.

Long term aspirations include: cobbling together a Raspi-based terminal HUD, building out a server rack from Ikea furniture, setting up sleep-hygenic smart bulb drivers for home and refrigerator, developing a programming language with eventually consisted data structures as first-class citizens (multiple programming projects would flow from this), crafting an ergonomic walker-handle attachment for granny carts, developing a writing-oriented introduction to computer programming, building out a guinea pig hutch with integrated hydroponic garden.

Looking to share a space where creative folk are doing creative things.