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In an effort to add additional storage space and improve the cleanliness, @mugenity began building taller storage shelves.

Design Criteria

  • Needs to be mobile so we can clean easily (
  • Shelves should ideally fit and support 2-3 shoe box bins (variant sizes)
  • Ceiling is around 12 ft high so shelf should be below that.

Design for shelving can be found on tinkercad here. It's will be updated over time with lessons learned.


Part Price Quantity Link
Wheels $27.99 1
2x4 12ft lumber $4.85 3
2x4 10ft lumber $4.85 4
4ftx8ft plywood $21.37 2

Lessons Learned

Plywood shelf surfaces need a crossbar for support. 4 foot widths allow between 4 to 5 bins. If the middle bins are particularly heavy, the shelves begin sagging. The biggest obstacle for building the shelves was getting the lumber to the space. Since carrying the amount of lumber needed for just one shelf was out of the question, we ordered about $185 worth in 14 10ftx2inx4in lumber and 4 4ftx8ft plywood. Home Depot would probably be way more affordable since they charge way less for the 2inx4in. Home Depot delivery is over $70 dollars.