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Wish List Fundraising



Manufacturer Model Price Resolution Type
ViewSonic PJD5223 $412.50 1024x768 DLP
BenQ MX660P $490.99 1024x768 DLP
Epson EX5210 $476.12 1024x768 3LCD
ViewSonic PJD5523w $469.99 1280x800 DLP
Acer H5360 $499.99 1280x720 DLP



Laser Cutter

Mill Stuff

(Since budget is limited, do we want to focus on completeness, on key capitol items, on things that a member cannot buy locally as needed? Also, do we prefer sets which store in their own box, or should we start moving to organized wall storage for things like cutters, fixtures, wrenches associated with each machine? - Chris)

(Note this does not include the corresponding drills. Unless we get the 115-piece drill set ($175 and up) we would have to also order the specific size drill for each tap.)

  • Vise [1] $59.99
  • Bench grinder $129.35
  • Rotary platform [2] $175.00
  • Tail stock for H5940 [3] $56.95
  • Jaw Chuck for Rotary Table [4] $97.95
  • Cutters: T-slot
  • Machinist's Blue Dye [5] $22.99

Tap and die set + vise + bench grinder + blue dye = $255.28

All of this stuff: $606.24

Pledges for mill tooling

  • Guan: $75 paid
  • Antonio: $100 paid
  • Crystal $50 paid
  • Stephen $100 ($100 moved to lathe purchase) paid
  • Robert $100 set reminder to pay in mid-sept
  • $53.25 left over from lathe


Pledges for lathe acquisition

  • Crystal $100 paid
  • Guan $100 paid
  • Chris $100 paid
  • Antonio $100 paid
  • Robert $100 paid
  • Rendall via list "I'll pledge $100 to the lathe." paid
  • Peter $100 via list "I did place my pledge on the lathe... or at least, that was my intent...." paid
  • Stephen $100 (moved from mill list) paid
  • Ron $100 paid

Total $900 of $800 + van rental ($46.75)

Available Lathes

* Steven Brower's 9" Enco lathe $800 (space suit not included)

    • In terms of expenses to make this go:
      • Moving (zipcar or borrow, anyone have a furniture dolly?)
      • Spare belt ($12-35 depending on source)
      • Bench
      • $20 for some cheap cutter blanks to grind to shape
      • Bunch of safety glasses
      • $30-40 shop vac I already donated one --Guan 14:21, 23 August 2012 (UTC)
      • $50 6" bench grinder (may be able to get on loan from Norman)
      • +likely some bar stock or pvc pipe to practice on


  • Ron's lathe from City College: free + transport!RonLathe.JPGRonLathebits.JPGRonLatheplate.JPG
  1. (old post) Lathe - 9"x20" might be a good size, and could go in the "hallway" as long as it has an internal drive headstock, though if we allocate more space a heavy 10" or larger can take 5c collets but will be a challenge to get up the stairs. Probably anywhere from $500 (if lucky) to $1500, plus some tooling expenditures down the road.
  2. Current plan: place in plexi room/machine shop, spend $500-$1000

Norman's Offer

  1. drill press: will lend to space, can pick up ASAP, includes heavy-duty metal stand table DrillPressUpper.jpgDrillPressHolder.jpgDrillPressPlate.jpgDrillPressClose.jpg
  2. table saw: will lend to space, can pick up ASAP TableSaw.jpgTableSaw2.jpg
  3. bench grinder: will possibly lend
  • for sale: $150 metal table with vise, riser, bottom shelf, 46 1/4" wide x 25" deep. Perfect for mounting mill or lathe, can be picked up in about 2 weeks (photo is vise only):


  • for sale: $150 wood top with heavy metal base and lower shelf, 59" wide x 34" deep. Will not be ready for pickup for a month or so.

Gear We Need


  1. Drill press - smaller bench model or larger one? Depends on where we want to put it $90-200
  2. drill bits index (there's a standard set of fractional, number and letter drills)
  3. Bandsaw - do we try to get one with the extra reducer to get it almost into light metal cutting range?
  4. Palm sander
  5. Bench sander
  6. Screw guns/drills
  • Toolchest with:
  1. Screw driver set, both regular and miniature
  2. Hex Key set, both regular and miniature
  3. Torx Key set, both regular and miniature, also "security" torx
  4. Nibbler
  5. Chisels
  6. Crescent wrench
  7. Clamps
  8. Hacksaw, perhaps jeweler's saw frame, also "Atlas track saw" (cheap, made for HO/N train track)
  • Workbench with vise
  • Length measurement (Tape measure, ruler, caliper)
  • Extension cables and power strips
  • Trash can + recycling bin
  • Sewing machines, pref. older metal ones


  • Printer/Paper/Ink
  • Hook-up wire (can often source from scrap network cable)
  • Breadboards
  • SMT resistor and capacitor assortment "book" [[6]] $40


  • laser - "Lasersaur" open source project looks interesting.
  • Lasercutter -- at the 30 september meeting someone mentioned that 80W was better but they are all crazy expensive. Top of the list so far: http://www.cnc-laser-cutter.com/lasercut.html
  • Shopbot -- these look like they go for $10k - $15k, but we might be able to get a better deal. We should figure out how this compares to a laser cutter. It looks like it is significantly more versatile and the manufacturer is hackerspace friendly.

Please add to this list


  • CNC - as a separate machine or an add-on to manual lathe / mill?

-- -- Build a DIYLILCNC? Buy a Shopbot? Other types?

  • 3D Printer (Plastic Mendel parts already donated - still needs hardware and electronics/motors)
  • Computing
  1. Computers even older (especially if they have real parallel ports for I/O hacks) -

perhaps repurpose older, very cheap thin clients as hardware hosts? They're small and generally have the IO ports (http://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/hware/hardware.shtml)

  1. Monitors - preferably LCD
  2. Keyboards and mice
  3. USB extensions and hubs
  4. Networking (cables, router, etc)
  5. Jigsaw
  6. Wire cutters
  7. Wire strippers
  8. Pliers

Hardware Donations

(Are there items which we need to set a policy of avoiding so we don't get stuck with future disposal costs - ie CRT monitors? -Chris)


  • item 1
  • item 2


  • Several Antec 50W power supplies from Cisco routers. Simpler to work with than ATX and smaller- If desired
  • A couple of ARM development boards
  • Parts boxes
  • Misc small power supplies
  • 6' Bench power strip

I'm going to go through my spare hardware and get a list to Joe and he can let me know what might be useful.

Peter Tell me if any of the following would be useful. They work -- I think. ;-)

  • Stereo receiver
  • Guitar amp

Ananda Tell me if any of this stuff is useful

  • Dell gx280 SFF PC, P4 2.8GHz, 512MB DDR2 upgradable to 2GB, 160GB SATA
Awesome - this is compact, has a hardware parallel+serial port, and reasonably capable - Chris
Now with several flavors of Linux. CD drive is broken, can be opened with wire but <1X and flaky.
  • ASUS WL-500g Premium v1 Router
Running [DD-WRT] this would be great. Can plug a flash stick into it for a mini server, too (12/6 upgraded to Tomato firmware to run HM wireless)

Julio I can donate some basic electronic components to play around with (not much but its a start)

  • Breadboard
  • LEDs (red and green)
  • Resistors (small selection)
  • Capacitors (smaller selection)
  • Few pots and switches (small selection)
  • Solid hook-up wire (three small rolls)
  • Small desoldering pump
  • Book - Making Things Talk (Tom Igoe, Make, 1st Edition)


  • Various computer parts
  • Lots of rack server rails (can be used to make drawers etc.)


  • Sewing supplies (some thread, scissors, etc)
  • Computer/electronics odds and ends - cables, etc.


  • Microwave oven


  • I have various boxes of electronic components.
  • Also have a Roomba whose power supply had a nasty encounter with 240V AC in Europe. After replacing the power supply, maybe we could do something interesting with it.


  • All-Trade Electronic toolkit (Red plastic case.) Media:Tool_case.jpg
  • Rubbermaid Toolbox
  • 2 Saws
  • Screwdriver bits in gray plastic dispenser
  • 2 Tape Measures
  • Red "Swiss Army" knockoff knife
  • Wire Brush
  • 2 Needle-nose pliers
  • Plastic orange box-cutter
  • Hammer
  • 3 pairs of pliers (2 'slip-jaw', 1 standard)
  • 2 pairs wire cutters
  • Electrical tape
  • 4 Screwdrivers (3 Phillips, one flat)
  • 2 Dental picks
  • Utica TT-1 "Click" Type Torque Limiting Screwdriver (Bits that fit this tool can be purchased here)

Stuff lent to space

Please label/mark your lent items


  • Wooden workshop table
  • Plastic folding table
  • Graphtec cutting plotter
  • Digitizing pad
  • Sewing machines (multipurpose and overlock, consumer grade)
  • Hammer drill & bit set
  • Circular saw
  • Palm sander

Sam Brown

  • Multimeter
  • Wire Cutters


  • Bus Pirate v3a
  • Some arduino shields (motor shield, danger shield)

Kenny Gutierrez

  • Digital Caliper



  • Possibly an oscilloscope
  • Lots of books