Meeting 2020-09-29

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Consensus Agenda

Adjustment to physical space access

  • Adjustment to current physical space protocol to allow 3 members to be present at physical space simultaneously.
  • Space is still limited to use specific to efforts that require tools/equipment only available at Hack Manhattan, including but not limited to cleaning, soldering, metal shop use.
  • Usage period per member should be limited to 4 hours max.

New Business

Patron Membership

  • This is for a visitor whose shown that they have been a positive presence at the space for at least 6 contiguous months.
  • A sponsored members' monthly dues will be covered by the HM budget.
  • Prospective visitor must to be voted on by 10 aye votes without objections.
  • Patron membership is valid for 6 months following a passing vote.

For each prospective member, please confirm no later than Thursday before the meeting:

  • Has the member visited 3 times at the regular Tuesday and Thursday open nights?
  • Has the member received the briefing? When, and who was the briefer?
  • Has the member's bio and photo been circulated on the members list? (not just blabber)

Member Reports

Board Reports

President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

Directors-at-Large's Report

Member and Project Reports

Meeting Meta

  • Members in Attendance: member1, member2 | latemember1
  • Visitors: visitor1, visitor2
  • Called to order at XX:XX by ___.
  • The meeting was adjourned at XX:XX by ___.
  • Minutes taken and submitted by ___.