Meeting 2020-03-31

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Consensus Agenda

T-shirt pricing

T-shirts will be sold for $20, payment by PayPal only, other payment methods on case-by-case basis

Shway and Chaz's Birthday and HM Summer Combo Party

We will have this party on July 29th or an adjacent weekend. Possibly renting Secret Loft. Any expenses to be proposed later.

Proposal to unschedule Thursday public nights

As proposed in the conversation on the members slack channel. The idea is that reducing our public nights to once a week would alleviate some of the stress faced by the current membership in having to host/be responsible for guests.

There should be no phone in the space

HM or members would have to start paying for the service soon. It's not that much money, a few dollars per month. But if members don't want to receive phone calls, then its only use would be on average one outgoing call per month, and it's another physical object that takes up space and needs to be maintained (or at least someone needs to know how it works).

Deputy treasurers

Add Rule 12 to the rules:

The board may appoint and remove one or more members as deputy treasurers, and the members may remove the same or disqualify members from such appointments. If deputy treasurers are appointed, the treasurer and deputy treasurers serve together as the Treasury Expert Group under such rules and procedures as may be prescribed by the board from time to time. The board may grant deputy treasurers signing authority over the corporation's bank accounts, and other similar powers.

Terminating membership and banning banning mz from HM

mz accused several members of racism, sexism and transphobia and subsequently lobbied for their banning. mz does not understand jokes. It led to the insinuation that he is a Maoist dictator and HR when he was still part of the board. He yelled at people if he felt members severely overstepped boundaries, even during an open house incident in which he accused a member of making racist jokes targeting a member that had previously mentioned that he was targeted by such jokes before. His board membership prevented a "diversity of thought" on the board leading to problematic relationship between the board and the membership. He does not accept explanations for repeated missteps. This situation needs to be resolved. mz hereby proposes the termination of mz's membership and subsequent permanent banning from the space.

  • being a dick by wasting meeting time trying to get himself banned --Guan (talk) 16:54, 3 March 2020 (UTC)

Terminating membership of and banning Charlie from the space

Charlie has been problematic since he joined the space. There was an attempt to terminate his membership and it failed prior. This time, we want to illustrate that there was a pattern of and unwillingness to change his behavior. In one incident he used a racial epithet recently in a conversation. Couple this with the complaints from the prior attempt, it establishes a pattern of behavior. His past behavior is included when considering this proposal.

However, it is believed that he can change but warrants a temporary ban from the space.

therefore, he would be banned from the space for a period of 6 months -- he can reapply for membership after that period.

Implement and adopt a CoC (Code of Conduct)

"Be 3Xc3LL3n7 t0 3aCh 0Th3r" as a hacker "one rule"/mantra just doesn't work. It didn't work at Noisebridge, it doesn't work at maker/hacker cons. A CoC Creation Committee needs to get down and work on a CoC and reporting mechanism to be established either by this meeting or the next. A CoC Committee that handles reports and any related administrivia needs to be established, and it can be comprised of the creation committee and/or the board for now.

  • HacDC which we were originally modeled after has an Anti-Harrassment Policy which is based on example policy from Geek Feminism. They also have a Norms document which includes Expectations and Disruption sections, although it doesn't look like it was voted upon.
  • Double Union Policies/Code of Conduct. One thing they were mindful of were white supremacy culture traps.
  • Noisebridge stilll tries to operate under their One Rule (TM), but they also have Community Standards and an anti-harassment policy. Some sections to consider in their documentation are some bits and pieces from their General Guidelines, but especially their Requests to Leave, copied below:
    • Requests to Leave
      • If someone is acting in a way incompatible with our community standards, you are empowered to ask them to leave Noisebridge immediately.
      • (This emphasis is mine) You are under no obligation to do ask someone to leave, and absolutely should not confront someone who you think poses a physical danger to you. Please ask for help if you feel you need or want help.
      • If someone asks you to leave Noisebridge, you should immediately leave, whether or not you think their request was legitimate or in good faith.
      • If someone asks you to leave, you should not return until the conflict has been resolved, hopefully through mediation.

New Business

Formerly on Consensus Agenda

For each prospective member, please confirm no later than Thursday before the meeting:

  • Has the member visited 3 times at the regular Tuesday and Thursday open nights?
  • Has the member received the briefing? When, and who was the briefer?
  • Has the member's bio and photo been circulated on the members list? (not just blabber)

Member Reports

Board Reports

President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

Directors-at-Large's Report

Member and Project Reports


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