Meeting 2020-02-25

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This meeting is the annual meeting of members and includes elections.

Consensus Agenda

  • Consensus Item 1
  • Consensus Item 2

For each prospective member, please confirm no later than Thursday before the meeting:

  • Has the member visited 3 times at the regular Tuesday and Thursday open nights?
  • Has the member received the briefing? When, and who was the briefer?
  • Has the member's bio and photo been circulated on the members list? (not just blabber)

Member Reports

Board Reports

President's Report

  • No report.

Treasurer's Report

  • No report.

Secretary's Report

  • No report.

Directors-at-Large's Report

  • No report.

Member and Project Reports

New Business

Amendment to bylaws

See formal meeting notice.


See formal meeting notice.

Meeting Meta

  • Members in Attendance: member1, member2 | latemember1
  • Visitors: visitor1, visitor2
  • Called to order at 23:59 by MEMBER.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 23:59 by MEMBER.
  • Minutes taken and submitted by MEMBER.