Meeting 2016-02-23

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This meeting will also be the annual meeting of the corporation.

Consensus Agenda

Laser tube

Approval of $200 expense for laser tube


Hack Manhattan will solicit recurring donations via Patreon.

New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

For each prospective member, please confirm no later than Thursday before the meeting:

  • Has the member visited 3 times at the regular Tuesday and Thursday open nights?
  • Has the member received the briefing? When, and who was the briefer?
  • Has the member's bio and photo been circulated on the members list? (not just blabber)

Michael Zeltner, once again, back in town from March on. Has been a member before. Briefed by Justin when he joined in April 2015.

Passes with majority vote.

I propose that the following bullet be added to the above boilerplate text tin the future. (Peter Shenkin):

  • Former members who are re-applying for membership should apply to the Board first, which is empowered to approve such applications. If denied, the former member may apply to the membership per the above.

Other New Business



Justin is elected with majority vote


  • Guan Yang


  • Matthew Duepner (nommed by User:Leee)
  • Johnny

Johnny is elected with majority vote.

Directors-at-Large (2 positions)

  • leee (nominated by User:Menager)
  • Robby O'Connor
  • Konstantin
  • Johnny
  • Rahul

Konstatin was elected in the first round. Rahul was elected in the 4th round.

Member Reports

President's report

No report

Treasurer's report

Financial report distributed via email

Secretary's report

Our space was featured on the verge.

Directors-at-Large's reports

No report

Member Reports

Stephen: Beer fridge is currently under repair. Old one will be re purposed as a planter in the rooftop garden. Please contact the mailing list for any lumber orders you'd like to get at hackmanhattan.


  • Guan on behalf of Rob Diamond
  • Guan on behalf of Barry
  • Guan on behalf of Rob Lower
  • Guan on behalf of Annie