Meeting 2015-04-28

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Consensus Agenda

Book purchase

Authorize $120 for a copy of The Art of Electronics, 3rd Edition, for the space.


Prohibition on the transfer of keys to non-members

Adopt this rule:

The loaning or transferring of keys, or other codes or tokens used for access control, whether original or copies, to the space to non-members is specifically prohibited. A violation is grounds for expulsion.


New Business

Formerly in Consensus Agenda

Please include date of briefing and name of briefer.

User:Tom Gao Real name "Fang Gao": My name is Fang "Tom" Gao, grew up in the deep south but spent most of my life living in Queens, NY. I am currently a Computer Information System student studying at John Jay College, absolutely love computer building & customization, obsessed with meteorological paraphernalia, occasionally taste-testing various operating systems and a complete newbie C++/Java/HTML5 coder.

Holding induction upon physical appearance in future monthly meeting.

User:Waldo My name is Waldo, and I'm a translator/interpreter/language teacher. I am also employed at a wireless telecom company as a system administrator. Some of my interests are electronics, biology, and new trends in teaching and learning.

Passes on board approval + briefing completion.

Other New Business

Member Reports

President's report is coming up. Current plans are a fortune teller machine.

Treasurer's report

Financial report sent to members list.

Secretary's report

No report.

Directors-at-Large's reports

Meryl: Garden setup has been completed with initial plantations. Be very careful with setting up furniture on the roof or the balcony.

Konstatine: Hackaday meetup on Thursday for the Hackathon on the weekend.

Member Reports

Stove: Will speak with KISI's showroom to verify product. Setup is planned for the back door.

Farewell Nickolai