Meeting 2013-01-14

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Hack Manhattan will relocate to the third floor of 137 W 14th Street into the southeast room, which is currently called Studio B

The vote will close at 12pm on Sunday, January 13, 2013.

Due to lack of a quorum voting has been extended until a decision can be reached. SuperLuckyCat 03:43, 14 January 2013 (UTC)


Vote has passed SuperLuckyCat 23:32, 14 January 2013 (UTC)


We have been negotiating a move to Studio B in lieu of expansion into the space next door to us.There are many arguments in favor of the move:

  • Alchemical Theater will take over the second floor and maintain studio C on the third floor. This change allows them to remain in the building when they would otherwise have to relocate. Keeping them in the building gives us a known, friendly neighbor, a stable tenancy in a fully occupied building, and leaves the option of renting additional studio space on an ad hoc basis open.
  • We go from 389 sf to 486 sf, a 25% increase. The move can occur as soon as February 18th.
  • Alchemical will handle moving all of our equipment in exchange for this deal.
  • The more open configuration of B allows us to purchase a laser cutter (if the group agrees) immediately if funded, with no construction necessary, as would be required for expanding to D.
  • In 6 months we have the option of taking over the studio next door, E. This expansion would give us a much larger space (916 sf vs 731 sf) in the long term than D. Kenny, our landlord, has expressed his willingness to do the same deal as for D, with a lower initial rent that escalates to market value as our organization grows.
  • We will be closer to the roof for events, horticulture, and use of the hammock :-) There is space in the hallway to the roof to park bikes and lock them to the railing.
  • Fire escape access, with a cement foundation good for sitting or a few plants. There is also a ladder to the roof for those who feel adventurous and are well insured.
  • Our neighbors would include a painters' group immediately adjacent in E for now (to move to C if we want to expand) and Sung in his workroom down the hall, currently dubbed "studio X."
  • Rent is $1850, as compared to the $2100 we would be paying on expansion into D. The savings over 6 months while we wait to expand would allow us to acquire more equipment and build a reserve to grow more organically.
  • A quieter floor with greater privacy

Arguments against:

  • Loss of an enclosed machine shop area
  • Loss of the storage closet
  • Less space for the months of March-June than we would have otherwise had
  • Loss of the roof patio
  • Extra flight of stairs to navigate

In Summary: I feel strongly that this is a good strategic choice for the long term growth of Hack Manhattan and the stability of the building at 137 W 14th. While there have been some issues with Alchemical in the past, we now have a mutually beneficial and friendly relationship. In addition, a building committee has been formed to come to group decisions to direct the ecology of 137. Kenny is supportive of this working dynamic. Our hope is to create a unified body that will make the entire building an enjoyable space supportive of the arts and creative technology. SuperLuckyCat 16:16, 11 January 2013 (UTC)

Possible layout of the new space (link to full floor plan):