Meeting 2012-08-28

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Agenda Items

Meeting Minutes

Meeting commences: 19:38

Roll Call

  • David Reeves
  • Xo
  • Crystal Butler
  • + Robert O'Conner
  • Ananda Das
  • Robert Diamond
  • Stephen Lynch
  • Peter Shenkin
  • + Chris Stratton
  • + Joe Brisendine
  • Steven Creuzer
  • + Sung won Lim
  • + Krass Iankov
  • + Sebastian Cocioba
  • Justin Levinson

Review of Last Meeting's Minutes

The Consensus Agenda

(all passed no objections)

Accepting Donations for the Lathe and Future Purchases

We can accept donations for the lathe, but Hack Manhattan can't pay money to buy the lathe without a decision at the meeting. I am proposing that

  1. We approve the purchase of the lathe for $800.
  2. In the future, the board can decide on its own to buy equipment that has been fully funded by donations that are earmarked for that purchase, without waiting until a business meeting, after consulting members on the mailing list.
  3. Variant of this proposal: impose a dollar limit, for example $2,000

That way we don't have to wait up to a month, or go through cumbersome online voting procedures, to make what's ultimately a simple decision of buying something with donated funds (assuming we can use the equipment and there's enough space). The donations will be fully tax deductible once our 501c3 status is approved. A group of members could still buy something and then donate the equipment, rather than money, to Hack Manhattan, but a donation of money is "cleaner" and its value and deductability is less likely to be questioned.

The board would be responsible for ensuring that we have space for the item and that it fits within HM's purpose, and there would of course be consultation on the mailing list. In practice a decision like this won't be made outside a meeting if there's meaningful opposition.

Purchases that require loans from members or anything like that would still require a separate decision.

This policy would only apply to straightforward purchases where donations have been earmarked for a well defined purpose. It wouldn't apply to complicated situations like the Brain Bats Kickstarter project, where we're also committing to producing rewards and completing a project.

--Guan 21:29, 24 August 2012 (UTC)

Website Overhaul

The Hack Manhattan web site will be redone to:

  1. Create a visual representation of our activities that includes a 'featured' area and a cleaner grid layout for other posting previews on the front page.
  2. Add a sidebar where users can easily donate, sign up for the newsletter, use the wiki and view our current calendar.
  3. Add a page and menu item for workshops
  4. Add a sponsorship link for Neurosky (& our other affiliate links)

I have a Wordpress theme that I've used in the past that I think will serve nicely.

--Crystal 12:33, 26 August 2012

Do you have an link to the Wordpress theme? --Xo

Yup, it's Catalyst 1.3. Here is a website I made using it -- although it is very flexible, and could look much different depending on the features chosen.

In my opinion this shouldn't require a decision at the meeting. --Guan 14:30, 28 August 2012 (UTC)

Board Member Reports

President's report

  • Update on status of lease
  • Acceptance to Maker Faire: timeline for preparations; specifying activities and workshops
  • Signing a revenue sharing agreement with Neurosky: includes adding a link to their store to our web site; purchase headsets for sale at Maker Faire?
  • Completion of the Machine Shop: pickup tools from Norman, fund lathe purchase (I agree with Guan's model for future purchases in the Agenda), mount tools and arrange shop, acquire needed accessories (before MF?)
  • Newsletter: add all current list members & allow for opt out, add to front page of website, schedule next mailing
  • Advance planning for post-Maker Faire tool usage workshops
  • Dark Room: volunteer(s) to put in a sink?

Treasurer's report

  • Financial report

Secretary's report

  • Membership Drive
    • Hackathon
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Facebook
    • SuperTech Tuesday
    • Apollo Guidance Computer Lecture
    • Disorient & DACWES
  • Organization Team
  • Income

Director-At-Large's report

  • Apollo lecture - access to emulator and slides
  • Liability Insurance now in effect, provided by Hartford. Reminder about safety - only use power tools and other dangerous equipment when knowledgeable in their use, and sober! Remember also to use the apprpriate equipment to protect yourself - safety glasses, gloves, earplugs etc.
  • Kickstarter rewards - update on progress
  • Hack Manhattan Weekend Hackathons in the run up to Maker Faire - request for help
  • MakerBar visit - potential collaborations in classes and projects

Old Business

Arduino Workshop

  • Taking place Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 11AM
  • Tickets will be on EventBrite for $150 without parts kit, $205 with
  • Will split proceeds after rent and parts kits with HM

New Business

Signage in our building

  • Banner
  • Entry door
  • Our door


(A euphemism for weighable marketing materials)

Equipment Acquisitions

  • Norman and Lathe and Table
  • Ron's CCNY Lathe
  • Frank's (or Ryobi) Table Saw

Do we need a way to get rid of equipment?

  • Chris brought up the idea of requiring people who loan equipment to be able to move it with x days notice.

"I solemnly swear to be a *great* Hack Manhattan member."

  • Krass Iankov (Xo, David)
  • Chris Stratton (Xo, Crystal)
  • Barry Anderson (Crystal, David)
  • Robert O'Connor (Xo, David)
  • Sung Won Lim (David, Crystal)
  • Joseph Brisendine (Xo, Ron)

Potential Members Introduction

None of Your Business

Couldn't resist....

Member Reports