Meeting 2012-03-27

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  • President's report
    • ongoing question of expansion (see outreach). Kenny to possibly present something, or we can relay what we've heard from him about the future of the building.
  • Treasurer's report
    • Financial report
    • 501(c)(3) application filed, application fee was actually $850
    • Lighting budget
    • Reminder: minor expenses
  • Secretary's report
  • Minutes
    • Guan agreed to organize an openscad tutorial night
    • Kenny updated us on the situation with the building (potentially he may rent out the entire building) -- he said he'll have us talk to potential new tenants about sharing (as of 3/29 there doesn't appear to be a serious possibility of anything major changing in the next few months)
    • we're going to start looking for space, but also hope to expand in the building if that opportunity comes
    • Guan and Peter are doing ongoing work on the DLP resin printer and are trying to fix the projector
    • Guan and Dave are waiting on some motors to start their new wallace printer build
    • Robert Diamond offered to do a wearables workshop in May around his new microcontroller/bluetooth watch project
    • Stephen Lynch has offered to put us in touch with his grant people to discuss grant-getting
    • The MIT 6002x course is still going but unclear if people want to meet up for it
    • DP to schedule a day to build shelves/pegboard

Old Business

New Members

  • Vadim

Member Reports

Roll Call

Daniel, Guan, Steven K, Stephen L, Antonio, Peter, Jonathan (remote)