Meeting 2012-02-28

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  • President's report
    • NYPL event planning (3d events, hackerspace conference, main brainch event)
    • HOPE presence? (suggestion to look for other meetings/events where we could have a table)
    • Set dates for upcoming events
    • Expansion vision - timeline for planning options by 1 yr anniversary (Sep'12). Kenny suggests space may be available in 2 weeks
  • Treasurer's report
    • Payments up to date
    • Approve $750 fee for 501c3 (unanimously approved)
    • Financial report
  • Secretary's report
    • MFTA Application report - mostly done but for 501c3 and printed materials
  • Director-At-Large's report
    • Cameras - install in space? Arrangements with Kenny for bandwidth etc
    • Wiki spam
    • Back room - keep locked, status of bench, fridge
    • Reprap - suggest communal feedstock purchase (honor box for beer and plastic!)

Old Business

New Members

  • Crystal - approved!
  • Stephen - approved!

Officer Reports

Member Reports

Stephen L.: Rooftop Bees this Spring? approved hive on the roof to be member-funded

1 - Status of back room
2 - Lighting proposal
- LEDs? Dimming? 3 - Greenroof update

Justin: 1-T-shirts - $15 members $20 non-members (through Guan).

    • Motion to reimburse Justin $330 for Tshirt orders approved!

2-Fabric Arts Machine?

3-Furniture - possible purchase of cabinets etc

Robert: Arduino watch.

Dave: More frequent 3D Thursdays - every week - promote as 'Learn how to 3D print'?

Joe: bike workshop

Roll Call

Daniel, Rendall, Guan, DaveR, Robert, Peter, Stephen, Jim, Sam, Ananda, Justin, Joe, Kenny, Jeff