Happy Happy Brew Time

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Happy Happy Brew time Documents the beer that Hackmanhattan brews.

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The keezer is:
On tap:

Fermentor Status

No type status

2 5 gal glass carboy empty

3 5 gal plastic bucket mead - ready for bottling

4 5 gal plastic bucket empty

5 6 gal glass carboy Cabernet Sauvingion

6 6 gal plastic bucket Junkyard Ale

7 1 gal glass jug empty

8 1 gal glass jug empty

9 1 gal glass jug empty

10 1 gal glass jug empty

11 1 gal glass jug empty

12 1 gal glass jug empty

The first Beer was a Belgian strong ale.{Stephen, add stuff here}

2) Ginger beer Following recipe: [1] Instead of crystal malt we used vienna malt and did a partial extract. Also, In lieu of Brambling leaf hops we used Brambling cross. Ginger-Beer.jpgGinger-Beer2.jpg