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Lots of discussion about indoor plants, rooftop garden, etc.


The rooftop is approximately 23 feet wide and 89 feet long which gives us around 2,000 square feet to work with. It runs from 223 degrees southwest to 35 degrees northwest.

Indoor Plants

  • Pothos
  • Spider Plant
  • Cast Iron Plant
  • Peace Lily

Supplier: New Leaf at USQ greenmarket, very reasonable prices

  • Madagascar jewel Euphorbia leuconeura - Dave R has one and will donate when it seeds - which it does using a natural explosive mechanism (!
  • Aerogarden/aeroponics - Dave R has been growing herbs aeroponically for several years and can advise

Roof Garden

Raised bed structure, need to calculate for weight + drainage. Soilless mediums are best due to weight - pots full of wet soil get heavy fast.


Dome Calculator

Dome examples

DecaDome Schematics

Roof Hydroponics - Proof of Principle project visited by Dave a couple of years back; very impressive; now tied up in Yonkers if anyone's interested in a field trip up there?


Interested People

  • Steven Kreuzer
  • Ananda Das
  • Stephen "citybadger" Lynch
  • Justin Levinson - have pots I can provide, experience indoor gardening
  • Antonio
  • Kenneth Gutierrez
  • Kino
  • Dave R