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Power at Hack Manhattan

No power at Hack Manhattan


Internal communications

News dissemination

Message service for the public


Gel Cell/Sealed Lead Acid

12V sealed lead acid batteries have capacities up to tens of Ah. 12V gel cell batteries up to hundreds of Ah.




OLSR is one of many open mesh networking standards, but is the one built in to OpenWrt.


Amateur radio: voice

VHF and UHF do not provide enough range to cover the entire tri-state area. Voice communication would probably have to happen on 10 meters amateur radio or CB.


Amateur radio: data

APRS may not be reliable enough, for example because digipeaters and igates are down or because the communications nodes are too far away from the nearest digipeater. Direct simplex VHF and UHF does not provide enough range to cover the entire New York metropolitan area. We would probably have to resort to PSK31 on 10 meters.