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CADathon Proposal

I propose that Hack Manhattan host a CADathon. The event will be similar in spirit and in function to a hackathon, with the exception that it will focus on the ability to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools as opposed to coding skills (although coding based CAD tools like OpenSCAD are welcomed!).

The participants will be asked to design something creative along certain guidelines. Example goals could be "design a futuristic lamp" or "design a wild wild west action figure." The desired end result is something that is artistic and aesthetically pleasing as opposed to something functional. Winners will be decided upon by a vote of the participants and organizers.

Competition setup and format After paying the registration fee, participants will get a choice of (at least) 2 training packets. One will be focused on Autodesk Fusion 360, and the other on OpenSCAD. If we had more training packets for more programs that would be great. The training packets will walk the user through a tutorial demonstrating the basics of the selected CAD package - enough for them to be able to show up at the event and get right to work!

Teaching Assistants will also be available during the competition, but only on a limited basis (there's only so many of us)

On the day of the event, participants will show up and be given their objective, and they will have 24 hours to submit an model for consideration.

Participants may work individually or in teams.

TBD. Options include several months discounted or free membership at HM, cash, 3D printing the winning design,... suggestions?

I think we should do this because it sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to engage the community in learning a valuable skill. I've been teaching classes on CAD at the space for a few months now, but I have yet to see many of the students doing something with the knowledge. I think an event like this can really get people's imaginations flowing.