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See: [[Bricodash]] for project details
''See:'' [[Bricodash]] for project details
== Current Tasks Outstanding ==
== Current Tasks Outstanding ==

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See: Bricodash for project details

Current Tasks Outstanding

  • add remaining sources to HM cloud log panel
  • finish fleshing out remainder of movable feasts calendar
  • enable toggling between Welcome header and holiday greetings
  • refactor source files from initial launch
  • squish and push upstream

Instagram Integration

  • add Instagram to Weird Photos and HM Cloud Log — this requires creating pages on Facebook under the new Graph API

Twitter Integration

  • add Facebook to HM Cloud Log — since we're futzing around with Graph API anyway

Slack Calendar Response Bot

  • interactive bot response to "What's happening?"

MJPEG Gateway Server

  • rewrite MJPG gateway as a dedicated server on own port

Draft a Privacy Policy

  • draft privacy policy (per API reqs for public sites)

Buzzer-Activated IR Remote

  • integrate with custom buzzer-activated IR remote hack