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(What is This?)
(Member Repository Service Accounts)
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* robbyoconnor :: gitlab # Robby O'Connor GitLab
* robbyoconnor :: gitlab # Robby O'Connor GitLab
* kevindsteeleii :: github # Kevin Steele
* kevindsteeleii :: github # Kevin Steele
* b- :: github # br

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See also: Bricodash/Extra:Calendar

What is This?

Items entered below will be parsed for inclusion in the Bricodash HM Cloud Log.

Repository service account listings follow the following syntax: * <Username> :: <Service> # <Comment> Ensure that there is a space between the asterisk and your username.

Current supported services are github and gitlab. (Please use lower case.)

The comment part is optional, but should be used to identify who at Hack Manhattan owns or is responsible for the repository account if that is not obvious from the username.

Please note that Gitlab support is currently experimental only. The API is more complex and more opaquely documented than that for Github, and rate limits are undocumented beyond an [open issue ticket]. Please alert Beads to any issues you may notice.

Member Repository Service Accounts

  • beadsland :: github # Beads Land-Trujillo
  • robbyoconnor :: github # Robby O'Connor GitHub
  • robbyoconnor :: gitlab # Robby O'Connor GitLab
  • kevindsteeleii :: github # Kevin Steele
  • b- :: github # br