3D Printing

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3D Printing

The Ultimaker is:
The Printrbot Jr. is:

- Thursday nights are 3D Thursdays! Visit us from 7 p.m. onwards on Thursday nights.. Whether you just want to learn how to print, have some objects or designs in mind for printing, or just want to use our printers, feel free to drop in and give it a try. If you do have specific models in mind, it would be a good idea to check if they are printable first, as some models will print better than others. Please direct model enquiries to info@hackmanhattan.com.

We have several 3D printers in use at the space:

- Guan loaned his Prusa Mendel V2, to the space. It can print in PLA or ABS, but we prefer you use PLA if possible. There are instructions on how to use it here

- Rob bought an Ultimaker and loaned it to the space. This printer works very well, producing nice prints and is reliable.

- The excellent Brook Drumm of Printrbot donated a number of Printrbots to the space, which can be used by visitors. One of the Printrbot Jr printers is hosted on a Raspberry Pi running Octoprint, with CuraEngine slicer integration. Login to it using the IP address printed on the side of the printer, and upload an STL!

- We built and modified several Wallace Repraps.

- We also run classes on how to build your very own Printrbot Simple 3D Printer.

- We have a list of 3D printing resources and 3D Projects that have been done at HM.

- There are several ways to do 3D Scanning of objects at HM.


The following attachment contains the ini file with optimal settings to be used with the ultimaker original at HM.


Plug the power brick attached to the fans under the ultimaker before you start printing. Failure to do so will result in broken print jobs. Before the sd card slot seems to unseat during long prints with frequent vibrations, a raspberry pi with Octoprint was connected to the ultimaker. Load the gcode from octoprint to start the print job.


Default x,y steps: 78.74 78.74 New values: 79.50 79.53

Octoprint on internal network for Ultimaker. See printrbot jr for credentials.


The black 3d printer located on the left of the ultimaker. It can only print using .x3g files. The space desktop has an installation of Simplify3D that's able to generate the files. The printer files should be transferred via SD Card.

Interested People

  • James Carpino
    • Active 3D printing enthusiast. Building Miniature 3D Printers and can answer questions about 3D printer assembly, design, and use.
  • Dave
    • Your 3D Thursday Host. Owns a Prusa Mendel and a couple of Printrbots. Will help others to learn to print, build more printers, and learn to refine prints. Also food printing. Also available for hire on 3D printing projects (DrReeves@gmail.com).
  • Chris Stratton
    • Past experience with inkjet/powder 3D Printing Group at MIT, also hacked on some CNC machine tool conversions
    • Moderate interest in a access to a machine with a build volume the size of an adult human foot
    • Eager to help with with any DIY machine project regardless of build volume/capabilities


  • Document ideal printer settings for all devices.
  • Incorporate integration on slack to track printer statuses