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Matthew Duepner's RepRap Wallace

My Wallace uses some parts whose designs were modified by Dave Reeves at Hack Manhattan and I am certain that he will put the files online once they have been thoroughly tested. I started this project about a month and a half ago, but unfortunately ran into technical difficulties when I fried the controller board on my Printrbot Jr. I have found that the hardest part was actually ordering the parts since so many things, such as the stepper motors, have to be ordered from China. I wil eventually include info on where I bought my parts. I also printed some upgrades to the already upgraded design for the wallace, and will include a link to those too.

Specs: Ramps 1.4 Ultipanel Nema 14 stepper motors (x5) 8" by 8" (214 mm x 214 mm) heated bed J-head hotend

Current Upgrades: MXL not XL pulleys and belts A modified Greg Wades guidler A quick release for the extruder guidler My own rendition of the bedmounts M3 nut rosetes.

Work in Progress: Mount at least 3 mechanical and possibly also 3 hall endstops Design a new and lighter extruder (Bowden style or possibly direct drive since I got some really strong Nema 14s) Modify base (they are just too big) I want to try out the Rack and pinion style X-axis