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Peter Shenkin

Ask me about

  • Chemistry
  • Drug design
  • Protein structure
  • High-performance computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Country music 1920-1980.

Want to learn about

  • Web development, especially Python/Django (because I know Python)
  • Intro to hacking/electronics.

Working on

December, 2011

January, 2012

  • Screwed a nut or a bolt or something onto a growing Reprap at the space
  • iPodWireManager A 3D design for an iPod wire manager that attaches to the iPod
    • Gave third-gen iPodWireManager spool design to Dave and received a printed PLA copy back from him
    • Worked on filing out the cruft that partly obscures the slots
    • Joe said he'd print me an ABS copy
    • And most of all, I actually finished the goddam design. It's on Thingiverse: