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My bio:

Recently worked in InfoSec, presently "between" jobs. I'm a traditional guardsman in the MD ANG.

Recently finished a B.A. in Comp Sci-Math from Columbia, prior to which I served four years active duty in the Marine Corps. Before that I worked in DC and before that I got my first B.A. in Economics, Political Science from Brown University.

I’ve involved in the NYC hacker scene for awhile when I’ve lived here (I used to go to 2600 meeting back when I grew up here, good times at the Halfway Hacker House Ranch if anyone remembers). I regularly go to hacker conferences.

I like software defined radio, drones, and making stuff. I’m presently looking for work in the NYC area of the InfoSec/DevOps/Programmer variety.

I'm an amateur ham, general class: KJ6SJR

Not sure which projects I'm planning to get involved with specifically.

Certs: A+, Net+, Sec+, CEH