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Daniel ignite hal.jpg

Alias: Obscurite

Real Name: Daniel Packer

Email: dp - at - danielpacker - dot - org

Twitter: daniel_packer


That's me on the right giving a talk at Ignite DC on the "Evolution of Death". Web and IT pro turned novice scientist. Currently studying computer science and bioinformatics at Hunter College.

Projects & Interests

  • Hack Manhattan related
    • Instigating and janitorial work at Hack Manhattan
    • SphereBot - open source spherical robot (in planning)
    • OpenBrainLab - an EEG and biosensors workshop at Hack Manhattan (in active planning)
    • LockPickingWorkshop2011 - on hold
    • NYCHackerspaceMiniCon2011 - on hold -- maybe for 2012?
    • BraitenbergVehiclesWorkshop - STEM / analog robotics workshop, not yet planned
  • Other interests and projects
    • Biological signals and processing with microcontrollers and FPGAs.
    • Lab & Research automation
    • Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology, Synthetic Biology, Biocomputing
    • Computer graphics and video games
    • Creating music, digital music, synthesizers
    • Design
    • System Administration, Security, Networks
    • AI, machine learning, computer vision/recognition, AIClassViaStanford (I ended up not doing the class)
    • Philosophy and ethics of technology (Not a Singularitarian thank you very much)

Stuff I haven't really started doing yet, but want to

  • Cyborg technology (wearable computing, wetware, head mounted displays, etc.)
  • Photo/videography of bio/chemical phenomena (sci-art)